Understanding demographic and demand drivers for each property type requires a top down, bottom up approach to research, combining our proprietary research with the deep knowledge and experience of our acquisition and asset management professionals in the markets. Our real estate professionals are client focused and performance driven.

Client Focused

Built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust and fiduciary duty; our client relationships are tailored to each client’s specific requirements and our professionals consistently communicate information, providing clarity and transparency throughout the investment decision process.

Performance Driven

Our approach to performance recognizes investors expect performance measured not only to the extent to which a property investment is profitable, but also how successfully we perform the various tasks within the investment process to create incremental long-term NOI growth and appreciation, while mitigating risk associated with the uncertainty of achieving our client’s expected returns.

L&B Competitive Advantage

L&B’s core strength is disciplined and focused property selection and a business approach to asset management by senior experienced professionals informed by a deep point of view developed through extensive top down, bottom up research. Our acquisition professionals source real estate assets with well-defined enduring competitive advantages and exit strategy, allowing our asset managers to leverage those advantages to successfully execute a long-term investment strategy.

Risk Management

We define risk as the measure of the level of uncertainty of achieving investment return expected by the client. We evaluate several layers of market and property risk beginning with the sourcing process, continuing through asset selection, due diligence, asset management and disposition. Our professionals actively pursue strategies for improving the risk profile of assets throughout the holding period balancing time-tested risk protocols and entrepreneurial business acumen.

Responsible Investment

Our client’s investment objectives are our first and foremost obligation as a fiduciary. Responsible investment is an approach to investing that incorporates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into all investment decisions to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns. L&B agrees, and advocates a holistic approach to integrating ESG factors into investment decisions. We identify and address long-term resiliency and obsolescence risk for assets attributable to ESG factors. Incorporating ESG factors into asset investment decisions is increasingly demanded by tenants and expected by investors.
L&B maintains a responsible investment policy

L&B is a member of the following organizations:

  • GRESB – Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (Member since 2017)
  • USGBC – U.S. Green Building Council – LEED (Member since 2014)
  • U.S. EPA Energy Star

L&B partners with the following private companies:

  • Mach Energy
  • Aquicore
  • Carbon Lighthouse
  • View Glass
  • Measurabl


L&B advocates reducing the environmental impact of assets by using natural resources more efficiently, specifically with respect to conserving electricity and water and minimizing waste. We have identified and applied novel emerging technology which uses data mining and machine learning to optimize the efficiency of buildings with central plant HVAC by incorporating an algorithm directly into our system management. One of our client’s most recent multifamily developments was designed to use View Glass, a smart window technology that allows natural light in while keeping solar radiation out and reducing energy costs in the process. We are continuously on the lookout for new technologies, means, and methods to increase energy and water efficiency and the useful life of all of the equipment for properties.


We promote diversity and inclusion in healthy and safe spaces by engaging asset service providers that demonstrate integrity and respect for others in all of their business activities.


Responsible corporate governance means our professionals demonstrate honesty and transparency, as governed by and through the L&B Compliance Manual and select service providers that share our values.